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About Paul

Paul Anthony Williams is unique, exciting and offers a creative style that dares to be different!

Photography is portrayed in a variety of ways and as part of my business I work professionally specialising in child, teen & family imagery. My photography business was set up in 2009 after finishing a Masters Degree in Photography at Leicester University.

Since then I’ve gained an outstanding reputation in child & family portraiture and much experience working with appreciative clients. My life is very family orientated and being a passionate photographer I’ve learnt a lot photographing my four children and making images look personal, intimate and above all artistically powerful!

My photographic work is constantly evolving as I make every effort to take better pictures and experiment with a creative style that develops each and every day. Digital Imagery is always very progressive and it’s important for me to provide a level of photography that is personal yet creatively pushes the boundaries which enable my work to stand out from the competition.

In this digital age everyone wants to be a photographer and it’s becoming more difficult with the progress of new technology to actually take a bad picture! Now with all my clients the images I take need to stand out and offer something extraordinary, exciting and timeless.

Luckily I believe in and love my work especially having such wonderful clients who adore their unique images as much as I did taking them. Pictures speak louder than words so please enjoy looking at my previous and recent photography work of families, teenagers, children and babies.

I am very proud of these images which help showcase my dedication for photography and reflect a creative style that captures something different with all my clients.

After all, photography is my passion and so much more than just a business!